Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses

Baby Sleep Area

What matters most to you where your baby sleeps?

Safety. That’s the first word as a mom want to hear.

Is your baby restless, need more attention or tend to move to a corner of the crib to get comfortable to fall asleep?

Besides having your baby sleep comfortably on her back, being in your bedroom and in a safe crib, have tight fitting sheets and a space devoid of toys….there is one more aspect that is missed.

Have you addressed Geopathic Stress?

Natural earth energies from Mother Earth can come into your home and move to the spot that she sleeps on.

And it may not be beneficial.

These geomagnetic and electromagnetic energies carry positive(yang) and negative(yin) energies, and are emitted by the earth and the cosmos. They can counter vibrate to our bodies’ natural electromagnetic spectrum. We are electromagnetic beings with our own electromagnetic spectrum that have evolved naturally and adapted to the environment based on the input of the resonance of technology surrounding us. Are you adapting well to 5G and the ‘Smart Grid’? Do you feel sensitivity to all the gadgets and appliances around you? Well your baby may have that sense. In the last hundred years the advent of technology has more than quadrupled and our bodies cannot cope. Let alone rest, work or play over a vortex of energy that does not appeal to our own vibrations.

Mother Earth’s natural energies move underground and surface upwards into the air hundreds or thousands of metres high. Buildings that stand in their way are affected. Above ground energetic grid patterns known as Hartmann and Curry grid lines have been studied, their resonance and interaction with the electrical appliances and gadgets that we accumulate day by day, can worsen the state. Yes they speak and communicate in an energetic way. This is known as Technopathic Stress.

We can help by detecting where these energy flows are and where they are most harmful. By intervention of these harmful energies we can maintain the healthy state of your baby’s own electromagnetic environment in her body. We are after all also electromagnetic beings by nature as the spark of our heart-beats hold that frequency of thoughts, feelings, metabolism and physiology.

It’s more than just moving the baby crib to a better position. We will show you how to manage it.

All we need from you is a home floor plan. We will do a risk assessment and make a report. We do not need to be physically there.

Call us at 81001082 to find out more.

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