Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses

Check That Property Before You Buy.

Have you just moved into your new home and you felt something is not quite right?

You have constant headaches and feel uneasy at some spots in your home? Hear sounds that shouldn’t be there? Or see shadows at the corner of your eye? Or get woken up at odd hours of the night?

The previous owners can leave behind emotions, thoughts and actions in your space, locked in the walls, floors and fittings. And the energies of these departed former inhabitants can still be around. These are known as interference energies, earthbound spirits or discarnate beings. They exist. And we can detect them.

Perhaps you are a property agent and the house that you have listed on the market for 3 months has not even had a single offer from a prospect? Is this a divorce home? A fire-sale? And you have noted that most prospects have driven by with a quick glance, and quickly drove off. Inhabitants of a home can leave behind imprints of illness, sorrow and arguments, even after decades. This is also another case of Interference Energies. You don’t want this sale to go to another agent.

These sort of energies in a home can be detected and get cleared by us.

We are known as House Healers or Property Healers, and Conventional Feng Shui cannot do this job of clearing space.

In the West home buyers use house healers to check out houses before a purchase.

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The below stated price is only an indication as every property size varies.

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