Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses

Pet Spaces

Our little furry babies are the most precious to us. We pay attention to all their needs, their health, diet, toys, walks and outdoor play. Yet we overlook certain aspects. Where they sleep and spend most time in the home.

Let's talk about energy lines.

Energy lines are natural energies that criss cross the globe. There are heart centres and they supply energy to where it is needed. These energy lines come from the cosmos, enter the ground, run to a certain distance and then re-enter back into the universe. They can be positive(yin) or negative(yang) and affect human and animal body energy fields. 

Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to these natural energies that enter our homes. It affects their health, body, mind and spirit. Vets don't address these as they are unaware and untrained in this area. Neither are they trained in dog and cat nutrition.

With our heavy reliance on the use of wifi and electronic gadgets and products, like mobile phones, copiers, microwave ovens, electric kettles, steamers, fridges and 5G. These add to stress your pet's health further.

When natural energies and electromagnetic fields of appliances and gadgets collide, it is known as Technopathic Stress. Humans feel them but animals may feel them a hundred times more. Why do I say this? I am also a professional animal communicator. Animals tell me so. But let's leave that aside for now.

Electromagnetic fields and earth energies penetrate through walls and far reach into every corner of your home. 

At times you may notice your furry baby trying to squeeze himself into a corner of the floor or the sofa, trying hard to avoid some negative energy lines. A refusal to eat at mealtime or a tensed up behaviour can be caused by electro-sensitivity.

Official ruling on safety limits made by local authorities throughout the world take into consideration only the heating effects and not the frequencies that harm people and animals.

We make a search remotely of your home and do an assessment report. All we need is a floorplan of your home. 

(All Services Are Conducted Remotely, For Local Or International Clients, Unless Advised By Our House Healers).

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