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Wealth Vortex Power Spot Creation

You can rewrite your wealth destiny just by opening your door to a wealth vortex in your home.

Today we can open that up if permission is granted. Yes we need to ask as each person's set of life and wealth lessons are different.

In most homes there is an energy field created by nature that brings positivity and abundance. One needs to know where to find it. If left untapped it will be a waste as not everyone has one in their home. We can check if there is one before we take on the job at your home.

What is a wealth vortex powerspot?

There is an existing energetic spot created by earth's natural geomagnetic/electromagnetic fields. There are energy ley lines influenced by water stream movements and they intersect a dome of water that springs upwards.

This sounds rather technical. We rather just say this...

If we find one existing powerspot in your home, we can help you tap into it to create up to four more. This allows a free flow of positivity that will benefit wealth flow, health, good family relationships, smooth flow of activities of daily living and the most important aspect of life, LOVE.

You don't need to place any items like objects, furniture or decorative pieces. Your home decor can be as minimalistic simple or in the style of choice that you want.

Because energy can simply penetrate through walls and concrete, as nothing placed by you can obstruct it.  

All we need is a floorplan of your home. 

Let's begin this wealthful journey NOW.

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