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My Baby Does Not Sleep Well And I Need Help

My Baby Does Not Sleep Well And I Need Help

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How safe is the spot where your baby sleeps at home?

Is she restless, needs more attention, or tends to move to a corner of the crib to get comfortable enough to fall asleep..

Alarm bells are ringing!

There’s more than just getting your baby to sleep comfortably on her back, being beside you in your bedroom or in a safe crib. Or to have tight-fitting sheets and a space devoid of toys.

There is one more aspect that is being missed.

The electrified Hartmann and Curry Grid Lines.

They come from the core of the earth to support flora and fauna but can cause serious harm as they also pick up EMF from our modern world, combined with theirs, and discharge them into homes.

So where she sleeps can be the most harmful spot in the house.

What are they?

They are the earth’s natural life support electromagnetic lines that cut into our homes. But they can also harm because they pick up other harmful aspects caused by machines and people.

Your baby can suffer from Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) just by spending regular long hours in certain spots in a home.

And these spots are a major cause of many health issues.

Your baby may experience poor sleep, sinus congestion, skin rashes, irritability, and more

(Not just for babies but also for adults too in a home).

In the last few years, our bodies have been further burdened with the 5G cellular network and the ‘Smart Grid’, along with all the electrical gadgets and appliances in our homes, and our health issues have now further suffered.

This is not reported by mainstream science because they don’t want you to look that way as all modern homes have electrical appliances and the EMF that is created through their use (Technopathic Stress).

Product manufacturers need to make ‘newer’ and ‘better’ consumer products all the time.

An unbelievable thing is that these earth energies communicate with electronic devices.

Yes, they TALK. We can proof this with a live demo. (And Yes, Your jaws may drop somewhat).

They cannot be picked up by industrial/technical devices that are currently available as they are calibrated for the search of another set of wavelength of energies. Moreover these energetic lines can involve the spirit world. Not that you should avoid this aspect but its unavoidable, as they are all linked.

We Heal Sick Houses.

Speak to us at 81001082 or email

~ Our Intent Is To Heal ~

NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.

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