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A True Story

Being connected to the management above now, more than ever, makes us more careful of what we disclose to someone. Because that person may not have permission to have that info at this current time in his life as he has set himself up to learn a set of life lessons. We can’t be their cheat code. We will have to ask for permission to disclose if we are approached.
However, we can share this simple story of what we have not known, till now...
Joey lives an ordinary life just like his friends. Except he has more negative thoughts than them as he finds difficulty in the stresses and strains of life. He channels his energies to mulling over his work and his relationship issues with people around him. Getting home early and locking himself up in his room tunes him out. He thinks so. As he lies in bed he releases an energy imprint pattern that can stay in that space forever. An imprint of feeling gloom and doom. As he resonates at that frequency he programs the earth energy fields that meander into his room into a harmful state as it begins to mirror his thoughts, actions, and emotions. This extreme negativity then opens a crack into the astral realm, and a portal door then opens, just at the entrance to his bathroom. A discarnate being has found the weak spot to now make contact. Wherever Joey has slept, on a flat surface, he leaves behind an imprint. And he also picks up the imprints of others who have done the same, over the same spot. Negative energies can travel the world this way.
This is a true story.
Every home has interference energies and they are destructive. We don’t always have control over our thoughts, emotions and actions all the time but we must observe and manage ourselves when we go by the wayside.
If you are curious to know if you have interference energy in your home, we can do a check and there is no obligation to proceed to get a space clearing. This is a friendly invitation. My wife and I are on a spiritual path and the choice is yours. Daily we are also making lots of checks for others. We can share a blessing that you can use for your home and yourself

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