Frequently Asked Questions On Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress And Interference Energies

Frequently Asked Questions On Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress And Geopsychic Stress

Why should I need a house healing or the services linked to energetic work?

Health issues are arising due to our modern lifestyles and the electronic things that we accumulate in our living space and at work. Despite having advanced medical care, we are unable to pin-point the cause of many new illnesses that surface.

Electromagnetic fields are one of the major causes of our illnesses. This is known as Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress and Geopyschic Stress.

Mother Earth has her natural magnetic fields to feed the earth, nature and living things on her. Without it, this is a dead planet. These energetic fields communicate two-way, freely with humans, animals, plants, rock and through human thoughts, emotions and actions. There is a constant two-way interaction going on and it changes and shifts the energies in all spaces. Energy is everything and everything is energy. Things that look harmless in homes can also emit harmful energies.

A machine cannot detect such energy fields accurately as house healing also involves the spirit world. But the human body is sensitive enough to detect it, through dowsing. We will share with you what is dowsing later on.

Where are all these energetic fields?

From the cosmos, earth, mobile phones, laptops, TVs, wi-fi modems, electric cars, cookers, microwave ovens, lightings, electrical wires, 5G cellular network, the ‘smart-grid’, power stations, your human body and the spiritual realm.

However technology and her advancements are necessary for us.

We must learn how to manage energies. It is also our job to share with you the ‘How-To Manage’ after each project completion.

When the human body is ill, it cannot respond well solely with mainstream medical science. Science is slowly coming to terms that electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields, play a major role in our bodily upsets. This is known as Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress and Geopsychic Stress. House Healing or energetic healing can be complementary to mainstream science. They work well together.

House Healing or energetic healing is a general term encompassing detection, rebalance and healing of energies.

What is Dowsing?

Currently there is no accurate and smart enough scientific instrument that can be calibrated and tuned to detect these vast fields of subtle frequencies that include the spirit realm. Except the human body, which is hyper sensitive and can detect natural, man-made and subtle spirit electromagnetic fields, through the use of intent, and copper L-Rods and pendulums in our work.

This is known as dowsing. We hold L-Rods made of copper in our hands for the detection of these energetic fields. A technique for detection that has been used since man walked on the earth. In the past they used natural tree branches and objects. These L-shaped rods are free swiveling and are our communication tools. The human body and mind detects. The L-rods simply point to where they are.

As part of our work, house healing is needed to address earthbound spirits or interference energies that can find a break in the astral realm and make a crossover into our living space. This is not just caused by their intrusion but also through our accumulated negative emotions, thoughts and actions, that can cause the break. We as humans actually affect the electrical fields by uploading and downloading information to it. Whenever we find earthbound spirits, lost or trapped souls, they have to be invited to cross over to the light and must be treated with respect.

Can electronic equipment be used to eliminate Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic Stress?

A standalone instrument run by electricity cannot remove them. 

Is a house visit necessary?
A house visit is not necessary as the work is conducted remotely using dowsing, intent and action involving projection of energies on our end. We can reach out to any property and space in the world, even if you live in Alaska.  

What is the cost?

Charges vary according to needs and the extent of work done. 

How do I know if you can help me?

We work on each project using science, spirituality and intent. We are dedicated to work on each and every project with an intent to heal. Recovery and healing of homes, property or spaces can take some time and can be felt on many levels, as the project progresses and upon completion. You may feel a sense of lightening up in your own space and feel symptoms that bothered you before are now being lessened. We follow up with each client a few months later to assess the change. If you feel you have a medical issue, you should seek professional medical help before you come to us. House Healing and the related energetic work are complementary and work well with professional medical care. 

What is needed from me?

We just need your home address.

How long does a house healing take?

It can take a few days to a few weeks as each space and the set of requirements differ. 

Are there any side effects?

For some clients, they may feel subtle energetic changes in their body or space. 

Will you give me a written report after the healing?

A complete report can be given for the detection, cause and healing if requested. This is for those projects that involve harmonizing and healing. 

What do I expect after the house healing?

Things around your space and your life become more positive and you experience love, calm and peace again. You may see that you now have a better grasp how to overcome issues in life and how to manage the space around you. You will be healed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Is the effect lasting?

We will share with you how to maintain your space and energetic field. 

Will you follow up?

Yes we follow up after three months or according to the project requirement. 

How is the name Wealthvortex related to house healing?

After negative energetic fields are rebalanced, we will detect if a positive energetic spot appears in your home. This can be turned into a wealth vortex and these spots can be multiplied. Space healing must take place first.

What else can your service help me with?

As we are spiritual and energetic healers, there are many other services that are possible. Please contact us and state your needs so that we may be of help.


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