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House Healing Services

Our Services.

We open wealth vortexes, harmonize and heal spaces with Geopathic Stress (Natural Earth Energies that harm or heal), Technopathic Stress (EMF from the modern world technology that harms) and Geopsychic Stress (The spirit world interventions), and heal unresolved past life karma that is being repeated now in your life.

If you suspect your unresolved life issues are from a past life, that your house is making you ill, you get strange sensations or sightings, or is even causing you a wealth loss or money block.

We may be your answer and the missing link.

This is not the work of fengshui as we go beyond, we go deeper and have the accurate information communicated LIVE with your space and with you as soul.

We are here to help. Our line for help is open...