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Wealthvortex House Healer

I Need Help As I Sense Presences Or Things That Go Bump In The Night

I Need Help As I Sense Presences Or Things That Go Bump In The Night

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Spot shadow figures in the corner of your eye?
Furniture gets thrown around in the house by an unseen force?
Doors slam and fingerprints appear on walls overnight?
Hear shuffling feet in the home when you are alone?
Lights flicker as if someone is playing with the switches.
Receive calls with constant static in the background?
Feel a depression on your bed as if someone has just sat beside you, while you are still awake?
Your CCTV has captured unworldly activity you can't explain?
The doorbell rings often but no one is in sight.

You are not alone in experiencing these activities.

Earthbound souls, attachments, tricky spirits, and trapped souls have found a crack in the doorway separating you from the astral realm. People and animals feel and see these energies.

These are spirits desperately asking for help.

You don't have floaters in your eye or are imagining things.

We live in a world of energy and energy is everything.

Earthbound spirits were once human beings and have not crossed over to the other side due to unfinished business, anger, attachments, confusion, or have died tragically through suicide or an accident. They are still aware of their earthly surroundings and can see and hear people around them. But most people cannot see or hear them.

In house healing it's inevitable we come across earthbound spirits. We communicate with them, acknowledge and respect their needs, cut their psychic and physical cords linked to this 3D world and they are invited to the light. 

Once they cross over you will feel peace and the atmosphere in the home brightens up again.

Feng Shui cannot detect and remove these energetic forms. They will deny they exist in a home because it's not within their scope or ability.

Our work is to harmonize and heal the space and communicate with these earthbound spirits. There are no religious rituals to be conducted in the home, paraphernalia, or objects to be placed or used in the process. It's all energetic work performed remotely. The process is clean, complete, and respectful.

The sum shown below is an estimate. Your needs and extent of work will determine the final cost.

Speak to us at 81001082 or email Now.

~ Our Intent Is To Heal ~

NOTE: Please only proceed to make payment once we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.

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