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Myself - Laurence, and Jamie are the couple behind the team of house healers at Wealthvortex.

Our work help people with relationship healing and finding wealth and success. In the process one's life journey, purpose, lessons, tasks are revealed. Homes and spaces are where the emotions, thoughts and action energies are locked in and need to be released as they are vortexes and re-charging points for the soul. Just like a fish tank that can have gunk built up over time, a home or body needs to be cleansed energetically too. The tricky part is where should you look, how and what are they? And the frequency to work with them. Hence when healing is done, you gain clarity and closure as to the cause of happenings in your life. An instruction manual is given on how to move on from this point onwards.

We have been led to this path as a calling and use dowsing as a tool to detect the most subtle energies of a space, land or a person. This is not simply a choice of picking a profession that one fancies. But because we have done this same work in many past lives. We are again awakened to how subtle earth energies and karma can be at play with our lives. They interact with us 24/7 and these energies can either assist us or do us harm. And then there is the realm of the spirit world. Science has now identified many areas of such work known as geopathic and technopathic stress but is at a loss when it comes to the spirit realm - geopsychic stress, which we are tuned into. The spirit realm communicates with us at all times. We need to tune in and listen. This we do it psychically with a pendulum or dowsing rod. We are all electrical beings.

The craft of dowsing, which requires the use of two L-shaped rods or pendulums, have been used for thousands of years. It relies on intuition and a state of connecting to one’s higher self and the universe. And is a bridge between art and science. With this, we are able to dowse for energies of people, the land, mineral deposits, lost items, underground streams, locations for wells, (and other things that need a chat before we can further reveal to you what they are😊).

The energies we tune into cannot be picked up by Gaussmeters and Trifield Meters, or any scientific equipment, as the range of frequencies are far too wide and there is difficulty in calibrating it.

But the human body can.

You can't tell a machine how to set the frequency range and what to look for things that are spiritual, even for an AI.

Humans create and carry an energy pattern that becomes an imprint, due to our inability to cope with life stressors that we encounter. They communicate with the earth's natural energies, and they respond by mirroring that pattern back to us. This energy multiplies and gets trapped in our space we call home. When not corrected, it can do serious harm to our health. The bed you sleep on carries your densest energies. Now you know why some health issues don’t go away even after treatment.

Each time a project comes in, we have to ask the management above if it’s a job that we can or should handle.

Life lessons and karma happen to people. Action must be taken.

All projects are treated as private and confidential.

In our work we deal with presences and energies that you call earthbound spirits, discarnate beings, attachments or trapped souls.

Our work with you is free of religious boundaries. And the connection is to love and harmony with nature and the universe.

Our human physiology has its own electromagnetic spectrum that has evolved naturally, but slowly through thousands of years. In the last few decades with the fast changing technology that we embrace, our bodies cannot cope with the geomagnetic, and the everchanging electromagnetic spectrum. Health concerns over the harmful effects are matters of discussion, debate and ongoing research. And much of it is being suppressed because big tech controls and owns the products that we welcome into our lives. They push their own brand of ‘beneficial science and technology' to you. Imagine what we shared earlier on that our emotions, thoughts and actions can react with the earth's electrical fields. They are active communication lines and fields. Now that’s a major concern. As dwellers of the twenty first century we need to address this urgently.

We are dedicated to our work and we serve with love and gratitude.

May you and all homes be well.

~ Our Intent Is To Heal ~

Laurence Lee and Jamie Lim

Laurence has been a professional past life regressionist for the last 35 years, as an animal communicator and a trainer and consultant on real time personality profiling.

Jamie previously was a professional certified specialist nurse.

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