Your home and your life are constantly under an attack of earth's natural non-beneficial electromagnetic fields.

They affect your wealth, health, relationships and abundance in life.

You are after all an electrical being with electricity that runs through your brain, heart, lungs and every cell of your body.

There is a constant exchange of energies at all times.

It affects your spiritual journey here too as a human - your challenges and life experiences with people that you have chosen. The ones you love and the ones you hate. As it is all electrical.

The whole universe is an electrical field.

We are wealth, karmic, health and relationship healers.

As psychic energy healers we help steer your life towards abundance, wealth, love, health and better relationships once again.

We communicate LIVE with your higher self, your past life karma's unfinished business and living space that play a role in attracting these harmful earth energies.

These energies intercept and communicate with your thoughts, emotions, actions and speech on a daily basis, influencing your outcome in life.

They are an open book to us when you give us permission to access it remotely.

No physical visit is necessary.

You want answers and clarity to your life's difficulties experienced in your love life, work and business that can be explained intelligently, with clarity and completely beyond what you have experienced till now.  

You want to know your money block, overcome it and receive wealth that you deserve but has been brought about by a negative past life experience.

We can reveal the big WHY.

Receive it once again with a wealth vortex opened in your home without the need for major changes in your home or the purchase of expensive and pointless objects.

Energy cannot be destroyed but can be transformed.

We are not fengshui.

We will show you how through the true path of the law of attraction without any jargon or a remix of the same old texbook studies as our answers are based on a LIVE communication with your space and your personal life's karmic records.

No objects to buy, to place, colour change, numbers to observe or to organise direction facings. Because every individual's life is different. Bazi reading does not apply for us. Imagine a thousand lives, born on the same second, month or year. Do they have the same destinies. No they don't. After all one's set of life lessons are completely unique and it cannot be repeated with another.

Your future is also not set in stone told by an astrologer.

Your family members need not know that you engaged us, as your good intent is to heal and have wealth again, and to get a different perspective of how to manage your personal life that works.

Take your first step. Speak to us on +65 81001082 today.

All consultations are done remotely.

As we work with you, you will begin to see the bigger picture of things, of why your life has turned out the way it is till now. So you may breakaway from its negative hold.

Through this all you gain clarity and control and move on with strength and confidence.

Energy can only be transformed through human intent.

You will be guided away from the old world fear based belief systems that don't bring fresh insights.

We give you an action plan for all of the above after healing and harmonizing is done.

How Do We Do It?

We work psychically through intent using a question, a psychic connection with the target, which can be an object, event, action, situation or a person, using a set of L-Copper Rods or a pendulum, through thousands of charts. We get a YES or a NO answer. This is an ancient skill that pre-dates fengshui and many other healing modalities, and can be used to find water, lost objects, gold, land-mines in war time, oil, precious stones, areas to hunt, and underground tunnels.

Piece by piece, word by word, as they are being revealed to us is recorded down. You begin to the see the full picture like a jigsaw puzzle taking shape, through extensive descriptions that you can relate to as real and meaningful that bear connection to your current experience.

Your life challenges and disharmony come about due to mismanagement and a misunderstanding of how to work with the energies within your mind, body, speech, action and personality type, with all the flaws, your home and your past life karma, that has held you back.

This is about to change with our help.

We give you the latest information that is fresh so change in your life happens quickly.

Speak to us at +65 81001082 Now or email


Our work involves the field of Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress and Geopsychic Stress.

Our services cover issues related to:

•            Personal

•            Family

•            House

•            Business

•            Past Life Karma


How do we as healers work with the quantum entanglement to do harmonizing and healing remotely?


We work with photons, the light waves and particles of the quantum entanglement.

We are energy psychics and we don't need to be in front of you physically to get the job done.

Libre Text Chemistry explains:

"What is a photon in simple terms?

A photon is a tiny particle that comprises waves of electromagnetic radiation. As shown by James Maxwell (1865), photons are just electric fields traveling through space. Photons have no charge, no resting mass, and travel at the speed of light.

Energy can be transmitted through a photon over vast distances without any loss in energy or speed."

We use this same quantum entanglement to pick up LIVE information. 

The below explains the four energetic sets that energy healing addresses and takes place, that affect you in your space and life:

Geopathic Stress - Natural underground water, soil and rock formations, tunnels, sewers, water pipes, metal and concrete objects used in construction, power cables and geological faults, together with energies in the atmosphere and below ground, add to the stress.

(Water too holds memory of thoughts and emotions as revealed by the famous work of Masaru Emoto ~ The Hidden Messages In Water). 

Technopathic Stress - Modern appliances, gadgets, equipment and machinery, mobile phones, laptops, copiers, spotlights, microwave ovens, 5G broadband cellular network, Wi-Fi, electrical wires, power stations, mobile base towers, electric cars and the ‘Smart Grid’, are some of the things behind this harm. 

(However technology is necessary for modern day living).

Geopsychic Stress - The Spirit Realm - When you can’t deal with your extreme emotions, thoughts and actions, you open up a crack in the astral realm and allow negative thought forms and souls, spirits, ghosts, tricky spirits or trapped souls, to cross over and attach to your auric field. Those feelings of ‘something is not quite right', lethargy, sleep disruption, sudden bursts of anger and severe headaches point you to something more that is happening in your space. Souls of people are very often locked in this 3D realm too, due to unfinished business even after their physical bodies are no longer around.

Past Life Karma - You have lived many lifetimes in the past and are re-experiencing unfinished life lessons, being replayed all over again. We will unveil your unfinished life lessons that are causing you pain and suffering with people presently in your life. You gain knowledge as to the cause, the purpose of learning and how to overcome it as fate is not locked in stone. You will also learn about your life lesson, life purpose, life task, life challenge, and your program of learning.

Some of the issues caused by Geopathic Stress, Technopathic Stress and Geopsychic Stress are:

  • Poor Sleep (Insomnia)
  • Skin Rashes
  • Failure To Thrive
  • Nosebleeds
  • Constant Ill Health In Pets
  • Panic Attacks
  • Restless Sleep/Restlessness (Person seems to be on a continuous alert)
  • Irritability
  • Arthritis And Rheumatic Disorders
  • Strokes
  • Headaches
  • Awaken Feeling Unrefreshed
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Dizziness
  • Grinding Of Teeth
  • Meningitis
  • Children Bedwetting
  • Continuous Baby Crying
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Sickly Or Uncooperative Pet Dog/Cat
  • Memory Loss 
  • Lack Concentration And Productivity At Work
  • Depression
  • Eczema
  • Tingling In Arms And Legs
  • Asthma
  • Post-Viral Fatigue
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E. - Fatigue, Severe Muscle Pain, Exhaustion After The Smallest Physical Or Mental Exertion)
  • Hypersensitivity To Temperature Changes
  • Hypersensitivity To Light
  • Constant Ringing In The Ears
  • Impatience
  • Pallor
  • Feeling Of Wretchedness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Chronic Candidiasis
  • Sleepwalking
  • Backache
  • Allergies
  • Cramps
  • Feeling Cold
  • Endocrine Dysfunctions: Pituitary – Giantism, Dwarfism, Thyroid, Over Or Under Active Adrenal Glands Causing Hyper or Hypo States
  • Sex Hormone: Infertility, Disturbed Menses, Fibroids, PMS
  • Heart Disease
  • Anorexia
  • Hypertension
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Bowel Disorder
  • Kidney Stones
  • Tuberculosis
  • Legionnaires Disease
  • Loss Of Balance
  • Bulimia
  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Schizophrenia and Mental Disorders
  • Obsessions
  • Addictions
  • Emotional Over-Sensitivity
  • Psycho Sexual Disorders
  • Suicide
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Pain In a Nerve Pathway
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Miscarriages


  • Karmic Issues
  • Presences/Things That Go Bump In The Night
  • Recurring Non- Beneficial Patterns In Life
  • The Unsettled Feeling After
    Moving Into A Home

Symptoms Of Geopathic Stress In Structures And Buildings:

  • Cracked foundation walls
  • Drop in flooring levels
  • Cracked/broken windows that happen overnight
  • Damp or moist environment
  • Constant leaky pipes or drainage problems
  • Electrical malfunctions that
    can’t be explained
  • Extreme clutter in or outside of the house/space
  • Stunted or twisted growth in
    trees and bushes even when care was given
  • Tumours in trees
  • Excessive fungi growth in a home
  • Excessive insect infestation, or wasp and beehive nests

Call us NOW at +65 81001082 or email us at

Energy Healing is relevant for personal unexplained life issues, and for homes and businesses. 

(Disclaimer: We advise that you seek medical help as a priority if you have an urgent health issue, and we make no claims to heal any health issue. Medical and house healing treatments can be complementary).

Difference Between Professional House Healing (Dowsing) And Fengshui

  • What clients say...

    “I began this journey with Laurence with some scepticism as it was my first time in touch with energy healing - something very different from FengShui.

    I approached Laurence mainly due to my wife's health issues and our overall quality of life despite consulting two renowned FengShui masters which cost me a bomb but have not addressed our issues.

    After the numerous engagements with Laurence and Jamie, we are now very confident that energy healing is necessary because it is something which FengShui cannot address and we sought the help of Laurence to do a complete house healing for us. The amount of work that Laurence and Jamie have done far outweighs the monetary value of their services. We never regret engaging them to do this important work for us. For this, my parents' home have also been healed remotely without them knowing.

    Apart from the use of L-shaped rods, dowsing, and use of remote personality profiling, energy healing requires one's efforts. It is not about buying and placement of expensive objects used in FengShui.

    Our own efforts include understanding and managing ourselves and others, knowing our past lives, which have a strong bearing on our present ones, our diligence to chant
    mantras to cleanse ourselves and our spaces with intent and knowing about our life purpose, making good decisions with wisdom. This makes perfect sense because the actions that we take in life determine the outcomes.

    Success does not come by so easily with mere placement of objects.

    We truly enjoyed the process and approach taken by Laurence and Jamie. Many precious manhours were put into this through WhatsApp, phone calls, and more than 10 hours of face-to-face time convincing us of energy lines in the home, consultations, and doing a thorough debrief time spent will never be enough because these are valuable life lessons that my wife and I go through with Laurence and Jamie.

    Their conviction, devotion, and enthusiasm to this work have touched us so much so that it has led us to take action.

    We sense a new hope in life and will continue this positive journey with Laurence and Jamie. They are truly an asset to this society and our guardian angels, whom we are confident to lead us to the right paths.

    We wish Laurence and Jamie good health and blessings.

    Our deepest appreciation goes out to this wonderful couple! 🙏🏽”

    ~ KC and Shereen, Singapore

    This testimonial is from a skeptical client of our house healing services. He is over the moon now. We thanked him. He says he's just stating the facts.

    "I got an offer from one of my hopeful jobs within 2 hours of completing the session with Laurence and Jamie.

    1 day later I received an email notification that I have rolled into the 2nd round of another potential job application. My neck and body aches ceased the very night on the day of the cleansing session. Can’t wait to see more beneficial effects rolling in as I religiously exercise the maintenance mantra imparted to me.

    I was offered multiple offers during the 1st day open house for the sale of my apartment and closed the transaction on the same day at the highest ever transacted price for this cluster!

    I have engaged numerous geomancers, spending sizeable sums but to no accord.

    Thank You, Laurence and Jamie!! Will highly recommend your House Healing services and spread the word!"
    ~ Henry Lim, Singapore

    Martha Lim came to us through word of mouth on the work that we do.

    She heard that we could heal health issues through harmonizing earth energy lines in homes and along the way we could also point people to their life purpose and past lives linked to vows and contracts.

    The three following posts are all hers. Martha Lim, we thank you for allowing us to bring some light into your life as well as to your grandma, and we treasure our newfound friendship.

    ~ Martha Lim’s Testimonial On House Healing

    To begin with, I didn’t know much about house healing. It’s easy to brush it off as a “Feng shui” thing but it is so much more than that.

    Hi. I’m Martha. I love and live with my grandma. She is 90 this year. She has dementia. While she remembers me, she has bad moods from her trauma as a child. It is a struggle to get her dressed and to take her out for walks.

    Since having our house healed, and protected from the geopathic lines and other earth’s natural holes, grandma has been a delight to be with now. She’s a changed person and now looks forward to going out for walks and hanging out with the family. No tantrums. A more relaxed grandma. She is happier and calm. I can’t be more thankful to Laurence and Jamie for that.

    I only wish for grandma to live a happy, relaxed life free of the hauntings of her childhood and past experience. Now it’s possible. House healing has healed us beyond our house.

    ~ Martha Lim


    ~ Martha Lim’s Testimonial On Life Purpose (Through House

    I’ve always struggled with self-doubt. No matter how talented I feel I am, you know the quote about “being your worst enemy”, I’m one of the living testimonies.

    The talent as I know it is unlimited as we all are. If we can see it, it shall come to pass. Just to give you an idea, I am gifted (something I have never allowed myself to admit.) I learn things quickly and apply them efficiently. Anyone that has met me wants to work with me. I was my own stumbling block. My family and friends all believe that I’m meant for great things. Now, me too. 🙂 Watch me. I dare you to.

    Healing my house has given me peace and calmness when I work
    in my home office. Because Laurence and Jamie have helped confirm my life purpose, and the strength derived from it has grounded me. I live every day with a positive expectation of life and all I can become to live out the love, and power for my family, friends and life.

    I won’t hold back now. If I do, it would be an injustice to living


    ~ Martha Lim’s Testimonial on Past Lives Linked to Vows and
    Contracts (Through House Healing)

    We probably lived and loved many lives we don’t remember. I won’t blame you if you don’t remember your father from 950 years, or if you ran into him (just to let you know, we were cordial and had endless conversations when we first met not knowing why they were so fluid), or your mother from 95 years ago. You just know this woman feels familiar. She is protective of you.
    She thinks of ways to make you feel better unconsciously and you just want to be next to her.

    I know I shouldn’t make too much of it. But there is no denying feeling. Don’t doubt. If not how do you explain how you love 💗 or hate someone on the first meeting. Go figure.

    For me, my mom feels familiar. I love her so so much. We have a good relationship yet she was always angry with me. To her, I was never enough.

    Some lifetimes ago, I learned that I sexually abused her in some past lifetimes ago. For that I am sorry.

    After knowing this, I was able to reconcile and release that
    thought. Because of that, I understood why l loved and felt sorry for her. More importantly, for the next lifetimes to come, we won’t be indebted to each other.

    Laurence and Jamie helped me understand and dissolve my contract/vow with my Mom. Now my Mom and I have a pure relationship that just is. It feels easy and effortless. And I can be me in this lifetime.

    Always grateful for the kindness Laurence and Jamie have shown. I will surpass my potential. 🙂 Amen.

    ~ Martha Lim, Singapore

    Thank u Laurence for getting Bobby to be the usual him I knew. I was at wits end not knowing what to do with his skin allergy. There was no way to get him to the vet due to his aggression which also got worse the past few months. My friend told me about you and suggested me to try. I am so happy I did. I did not know this can be done remotely. Bobby now sleeps better at his new spot but still in my room 😊 and he is off the pork diet. I get to sleep well at nite too! Tq a million times!

    ~ Josephine Khoo, Singapore


    Thank you Wealthvortex for the wonderful job you have done at my home. My mother did not get me to take her to our gp this week. This has been a weekly routine so I was very surprised. The pain in her leg seems much improved. We did not know she was sleeping on a harmful spot. Anyway there was no way we could have moved her bed to anywhere else in the room which is so small. All these energy lines and how harmful ones can cause health problems are all new stuff to us. Even the tool you used. Never seen that before but the answers you gave me to all the questions I asked were so accurate! Amazing.  

    ~ Elaine T.H.N., Malaysia

    I want to give a great shout out to WV. I didn’t know I was the cause of my daughter’s headaches and tiredness. Even after an early night’s sleep. I have two desktops and multiple screens in my room. Our daughter still sleeps with us even as a primary school student. A habit from younger days. As I stock trade I need to keep my PCs running through the night. My wife puts up with it but she does not sleep well. I never realised my daughter would be affected by the energies from my PCs as Laurence pointed out. She would wake up with headaches and tires easily. After just one session the room somehow seemed lighter. My wife claimed to sleep better. I am happy I found your website. Thanks WV.

    ~ Sithikit M., Thailand.

  • Difference Between Dowsing and Feng Shui

    People have written to us and so we have to explain why each is different.

    Dowsing is relatively new in the far east but it has been around for thousands of years.

    Dowsing is the psychic ability that involves dialogue with the subconscious of a person and the frequencies in a space and land through a set of copper rods or a pendulum.

    It involves the study of geopathic stress which has been scientifically verified. It studies disturbances and the harmful aspects of the LIVE electromagnetic fields in the earth, geological faults, underground streams, natural and manmade materials, human emotions, thoughts and actions.

    Yes, you read that last bit right.They communicate with each other energetically.

    Dowsing taps into energetic, magnetic, and other unseen frequencies not accessible through our usual five senses.

    It locates hidden water streams, minerals, buried objects, treasures, lost people – alive and dead. It can identify positive and harmful energies in a space, of an object, a home or a person.

    In the Vietnam war, dowsers were brought in to locate land-mines and trappings that would kill soldiers.

    Many international law agencies in the present day use it to solve crimes and locate missing people, and it is not reported in the newspapers.

    Energy travels through everything and cannot be stopped by placing objects, tearing down walls, changing colours and following the four cardinal facings of the compass, namely the north, south, east and west. (We will demonstrate this LIVE in your presence)

    To find, harmonize and heal a land, a space, an object or to open up positive energetic spots, we do it remotely and energetically across time and space through intent.

    All we require is an address located anywhere in the world.Accurate and verifiable by a follow up on-site visit.

    Dowsing goes back to prehistory when man first began to walk the earth.

    The below is an extract from an article by Lloyd Youngblood,

    Dowsing: Ancient History

    “The ancient art of dowsing has been practiced throughout millennia, although the names used to identify it may have changed in different cultures and eras, the techniques have not.

    In this vein, in 1949, a party of French explorers (while searching for evidence of lost civilizations in the Atlas Mts. of North Africa) stumbled upon a massive system of caverns known as the Tassili Caves, wherein many of the walls were covered with marvelous pre-historic paintings.

    Among the many fascinating wall murals, not only did they locate an art gallery devoted exclusively to the depictions of spacecraft and ET’s, they also found a remarkable huge wall painting of a dowser, holding a forked branch in his hand searching for water, surrounded by a group of admiring tribesmen. These wall murals were carbon dated and found to be at least 8000 years old”

    Dowsing in the past started with an inverted Y-shaped tree branch held in the hands and has now progressed into a pair of L-Copper rods or a pendulum.

    Our dowsing taps into energetic spots in a space to release natural energy spirals that are wealth vortexes. They also help in health and positive relationship experiences.

    Karmic vows and imprints of people’s past lives can also be unveiled that are currently affecting their present lives. Information that is verifiable by clients and not made up. When we encounter spirits, lost or trapped souls in a space we invite them to the light to stop hauntings and poltergeist activities.

    Feng Shui requires the movement and placement of objects in a space to remedy or activate the energies. It requires the use of the Chinese magnetic compass known as a luopan to assess the direction of an object, place or item based on existing information and formulas. There is a need to remove or add items in the belief that Qi (energy/EMF) can be activated by placement or subtraction of objects, use of seasons, colours and following the cardinal facings of the compass. It is reputed to be 4,000 years old and originated in China.

    Dowsing came about from all cultures and civilizations around the world.

    Both Dowsing and Feng Shui affect prosperity, happiness and good fortune of the home or space, creating balance and harmony.

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  • Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses. House Healing. Soul Rescue. There are harmful energies in every home and they require re-balancing and healing.

    Just An Address

    We Heal Sick Houses.

    Mother Earth's harmful energy lines are in EVERY home. It is known as Electro-Smog, Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress.

    They cause headaches, poor sleep, sinus congestion, memory loss, nosebleeds and more. They hurt you and your pets. All we need is a floorplan of your home.

    In this home shown here, we identified the major harmful energy lines (H and C) caused by heavy use of electrical appliances and by human interaction residue(from emotions, thoughts, and actions). Electrical and human energy fields can get infused into earth's natural energy fields and remain for decades, even for hundreds or thousands of years. If left unhealed the occupants can feel disoriented and be affected by them, surfacing as health issues affecting body, mind, and spirit.

    The lines indicated as 'L' are created by prayer, and they run across where the family prayer altar is, as well as at the perimeters of the house, likely asked through prayer by the matron of the family for protection of space. I can see spiritual guardians on guard duty.

    There is an energy spiral right in front of the prayer altar brought about by positive energies created through the decades of meditation and mantra chanting.

    We did not pick up other supernatural activity caused by earthbound spirits, tricky spirits and trapped souls. If found, a clearing is necessary by inviting them into the light before other thorough re-balancing of the energetic fields can be conducted.

    For this client, we conducted a re-balancing and healing to remove the negative energetic fields left by the family members. Being human, we can get into arguments, and play fear and control games. This range of emotions too can get locked into the earth's natural energetic fields, and then get a rebound back to us, causing us to have health issues affecting body, mind and spirit.

    House Healing is necessary for a new or pre-owned house, and we conduct it remotely. We can access your home or space wherever you are in the world with just an address.

    Email us at or Messenger us +65 81001082.

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  • Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses. House Healing. Soul Rescue. There are harmful energies in every home and they require re-balancing and healing.

    What has a Sick House, Geopathic and Technopathic Stress Got To Do With You?

    Energy lines are also known as underground currents, black
    streams, underground water, earth energy and ley lines.
    They are scientifically known as Geopathic Stress and are natural
    geomagnetic energies that criss cross every square millimeter of the globe.
    Mother Earth use these energies to survive. It’s being pushed out to support life for trees, plants, animals, rocks and people.
    It functions like Chinese acupuncture with a heart centre,
    arteries, veins and capillaries balancing the yin and yang energies.
    These energy lines can be mismanaged by humans and enter our homes. Then affected people get lethargy, headaches, insomnia**, pain in nerve pathways**, sinus congestion**, arthritis, cancer, strokes and other major health issues.
    We human beings are electromagnetic by nature and so are in constant exchange with these fields of energies. There is an upload and download of energetic information and is left in the grid forever. Through this
    grid we get our information through dowsing.
    This may sound like science fiction but that’s the way nature made it. And unknown to you till now.
    The modern cities we live in, roads, buildings, technology, electronic appliances, gadgets, machines, The ‘Smart Grid’, 5G, mobile phone masts and power
    stations add to what is known as Technopathic Stress.
    Then there is the spirit world. It’s also made of EMF
    (Electromagnetic Fields).
    Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic Stress interact with
    each other.
    You imagine your home is your sacred ground and retreat. But
    it is not.
    It’s not a safe place. Harmonizing and healing of these energies are necessary.
    We use dowsing, an ancient technique to find such energies in
    the land and space. It predates fengshui and is not limited to a studied template, compass directions or facings. We have a psychic communication with a
    space, the land and the subconscious states of people to uncover the ills of a space.
    All we require is an address to unveil what is in a location, home, warehouse, office, restaurant or land before we visit it. We then have a chat on the findings and then we make a physical visit to prove they exist through a LIVE demo of what we have found, using our set of L-copper rods.
    Dowsing is used by some police agencies, archaeologists, military and professionals to find oil, mineral ores, underground streams, wells, hidden tunnels and treasures. And of course this is never told to you.

    Call us at 81001082 now.

    Note: ** We do not claim to heal any health issues as you are advised to seek medical help first. However professional medical care and house healing are complementary).

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  • Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses. House Healing. Soul Rescue. There are harmful energies in every home and they require re-balancing and healing.

    Earth Energies: Science And Activity

    Earth Energies: Science And Activity

    The science behind RF (radio frequencies) and pulsed microwave radiation commonly known as EMF(electromagnetic fields) has been taken too lightly for some time. Prolonged exposure to these radiations and the earth’s natural negative frequencies can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems (Baron Gustav Freiherr Von Pohl, Earth Currents: Causative Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases, Frech-Verlag 1988).

    The earth that we walk on is a makeup of different soil and rock formations, underground streams, fractures and mineral stones. This creates energy lines that can cause disharmony to our fragile mind, body and spirit.

    Earth also radiates energy lines that come in from the cosmos. One of this identified radiated grid is known as the Hartmann lines (named after Ernst Hartmann who discovered them) and the Curry/Wittmann lines (named after Manfred Curry and Siegfried Wittmann)

    The Moon’s natural gravity pulls the Earth’s crust about two feet upwards as it goes overhead each day. Causing a very long wave, like an ocean wave many miles long and wide. Creating a lift of force of about 600mm high at its center. The Sun does the same to the earth generating a gravity wave that is about 300mm high at its center, at some earth spots. This activity varies over 28 days and occurs yearly, stressing the earth’s crust in many ways. Affecting humans, plants, insects and animals. Can you imagine how we are influenced by these magnetic, electromagnetic and electric fields.

    These energy lines are very subtle and cannot be found using conventional gaussmeters or Trifield meters. Such lines are generally viewed as negative(yin) and positive(yang) lines.

    We find these energies through dowsing. Dowsing has been used for thousands of years before modern science appeared in the last two hundred years, needing equipment to reproduce repeatable patterned responses. Dowsing can locate mineral ore deposits, underground streams, wells, oil, archaeological sites and more. It is used by some police agencies, and the miltitary during the Vietnam war against the Vietcong, where landmines and traps were revealed. Such use is confidential and not made known publicly.

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  • Presences Or Things That Go Bump In The Night

    Presences Or Things That Go Bump In The Night

    Do you spot shadows in the corner of your eye? Hear shuffling feet in the home when you are alone? Doors close and things get moved around? Lights flicker? Feel someone sit on your bed when you are still awake?

    You are not alone in experiencing these activities. It's all electromagnetic energy from the astral realm. People and animals feel and see such energies.

    This is the work of Earthbound Spirits and Interference Energy.

    You do not have floaters in your eye or are imagining things.

    Interference energy is caused by negativity in humans, through emotion, action, and thought.

    Earthbound spirits were once human beings and have not crossed over to the other side due to attachments here on this physical plane. This energy might not have realized that the physical body is no longer there, could not leave behind a loved one due to unfinished business, also due to anger or confusion, or died tragically through suicide or accident. Earthbound spirits are still aware of their earthly surroundings and can see and hear the people around them. But most people cannot see or hear them.

    In house healing it's inevitable we come across earthbound spirits and interference energies, while we perform other re-balancing and healing work. Before the commencement of any projects, we have to check if we have the right or permission to guide this energy/energies across to the light. If this energy agrees we may be able to find the cause of the lingering(if you wish to know) and other details which will be shared with you confidentially.

    Once they are led to the other side for the progression of their soul journey, you will feel peace and the atmosphere in the home brightens up again.

    Feng Shui cannot detect and remove these fields of energies with the conventional methods used.

    A consultation is private and confidential. It involves a full energetic survey, detailed assessment report with a floorplan revealing the areas of activity, healing of the energies and a follow up consultation.

    Please call 81001082 or email for more information.

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  • Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses. House Healing. Soul Rescue. There are harmful energies in every home and they require re-balancing and healing.

    A Simple Pendulum

    This is just a simple tool. A pendulum.

    It has been used for thousands of years. It just gives you a yes or no answer. But it opens one up to universal knowledge left in the ether. As they say with power comes responsibility. I would rather say with knowledge comes greater responsibility.

    This work is spiritual. And more.

    I only wish that each and every one of you knows what lies ahead as we live in these degenerate times. I was told this and led by my management up there, to take this path to help and heal others through re-balancing energies. If people choose to be aware, then there may come a change for good. But as each individual is different, change happens only at the pace one can handle. There is a lot of oppressive energy created out there now. For the spiritual, you know what I am saying. There’s really a fight for balance between yin and yang currently.

    There is no ego in this work that we, my wife and I do, as a false step can lead to danger and health issues. We were both pointed to this path. We tread carefully.

    You wouldn’t believe what sort of interference energies reside in our homes. Clearing them would without the shadow of a doubt release a wave of change and acknowledgment of why things in our lives went in a particular direction for some years or even decades. What we do with our thoughts, emotions, and actions, react with the earth’s natural energies. And they linger. Sometimes even up to a thousand years. I kid you not. A further set of pent-up negative energy has come about in these two years, all manifested in homes, and will set the path for many situations we may not be prepared for.

    Each time when a question is asked, I get permission first. “May I, Can I, Should I” before I proceed, then the initial question can lead to a string of questions. Nothing comes hidden. All are revealed when you do it with an intent to help. I do get a ‘no permission’ many a time too and that is when that person needs to learn through his or her own life lesson.

    This simple tool gives me accuracy in the answers. I am able to tell what food is good for myself when I pick up a can of beans at the supermarket. Or the right yogurt for my dogs. This gets us attention and sometimes people ask us what we are doing and we let them into the knowledge. By the way, I don’t consume canned food. It's harmful to humans.

    I have friends who are psychic by birth and they are gifted. In dowsing, it opens one up to multiple bands of knowledge not limited by one frequency. One does not need to wait for the proper answer to come along. You get it instantly. Once you begin with a pendulum, you have a different view of life and you manage things very differently.

    Our lives have been changed.

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