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I Want To Know My Past Life Karma That's Affecting Me Currently

I Want To Know My Past Life Karma That's Affecting Me Currently

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I can reveal your past life karma and set of life lesson, life purpose, life task and main challenge to experience and overcome in this lifetime.

The pain and suffering of a person or people...

Challenges that keep on repeating as a pattern that makes no sense to you...

Have a money block and misfortunes that cannot be simply explained away...

Feelings of anger, betrayal, abandonment, injustice, humiliation and rejection that haunt you...

You want answers.

I have them.

Each lifetime you come back with a theme of a past life unfinished business with people, you then set up our own personality type with particular traits (to make things harder) to perceive things in a particular way (which may not be beneficial to you as soul to learn, that's why it's being repeated), you agree with other souls to be your loved ones, friends, peers, subordinates, bosses and enemies. You are supposed to see through it all and make the best decision when the event, action or situation comes along.

Most times you fail and have no other options and feel trapped, worthless or incapable of escaping that fate.

That ‘fate’ can be changed today by knowing the purpose of your journey and those in it.

Understand the cause and BREAK FREE from this repeat pattern that continues to replay all over again.

Once you see it and understand it from a mountain top view, your life changes for the better.

When it's unlearned, it keeps repeating in your current life.

All linked to your program of learning as soul - abandonment, betrayal, injustice, humiliation, and rejection.

Past life karma is REAL.

Objects sold to you to place in your home or directional facings do not change your destiny or even wealth.

You are an intelligent being and you want a better explanation. We are after all souls living a human experience. Life is a spiritual journey no matter what your belief system is.

One needs clarity, truth and the specific frequency to manifest all that one wants after your past life story is revealed.

As I communicate LIVE with your higher mind and through thousands of spiritual charts. I give you your desired information, which you recognize as a pattern and the truth that has kept you in the dark till now.

Then everything unfolds and your life changes.

Nothing holds you back after gaining such insights and directions.

I have 35 years of experience as a past life regressionist…

But now I can do it through dowsing which is a psychic communication with your subconscious state of mind and the space that you live in.

All I need is your name and you can be anywhere in the world and you do not need to be physically in front of me for this to take place.

Unfinished business from your past lives can cause you to re-live hurtful times with someone again.

They always happen as a pattern, and it’s a program we have to work through with a group of souls.

It is carried over into new lifetimes till they are learned.

Do you know what is yours, so you can be released from this 'un-knowing' state?

Wherever you are in the world, distance does not affect my ability to give you answers.

Below is a list of what you can expect in a Past Life Karmic Reading:

Discover the most impactful lifetime that created your current life events. Pinpoint how the people in your current life are involved in the past. Connect the dots and realize who, what, when, how, and why the pattern of learning a life lesson or lessons in the past failed and is being repeated now. We will reveal the location and era where you were born and the exchange of human relationships with the people who hurt you, or vice versa. With this information, you get to see the pattern so as not to repeat it in this lifetime.

·       Discover your Current Life Lesson.

·       Discover your Current Life Purpose.

·       Discover your Current Life Task.

·       Discover your Current Life Program of Learning.

·       Discover the person’s personality type, and his or her intent with you (So you can manage differences with them).

·       Discover your compatibility with a person in love or business.

·       Discover what is really going on in the relationship.

·       Discover what action to take.

Karma is not set in stone. Everything in the universe works through frequency and alignment.

By acknowledging what has happened in the past, and the newfound knowledge in hand, your current life can be changed, as you are soul residing and resonating in a human form.

Sometimes bad relations and connections with people can be ended with just some help.

My intent is to heal.

Call 81001082 or email

NOTE: We need to speak through a whatsapp voice call before proceeding. Please do not make payment before we do that.

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