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Wealthvortex House Healer

Why Am I Still Single? I Want To Find My Life Partner Now...

Why Am I Still Single? I Want To Find My Life Partner Now...

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We are souls and have lived many lifetimes before.

Sometimes we have made a vow or may have hurt someone in the past.

To make us subconsciously push away potential mates in this lifetime, by shifting to a wrong frequency to prevent a good match.

And the past cause has become a program of learning in this lifetime, an unfinished lesson from the past that is being replayed all over again.

In a past life we may have suffered a trauma and felt we were not good enough for someone. That event, action or situation that happened was not within your control or knowledge. So it has imprinted in soul till now, and that is you.

But you can break that today.

Because it is not set in stone.

As soul in a human body, you have the power to acknowledge the cause (we will find that info for you), and you make that change.

From then on you will activate the change with the newfound knowledge, to release the past and find that mate as soon as possible.

Despite many belief systems that tell you karma is set in stone, it is untrue.

It's the constant out-of-frequency thoughts you generate that are preventing you.

We will share what needs to be done as soul, you are solely responsible.

But you need to know where to look and what to find.

We do.

You decide. We are here just as information unveilers.

All shared info is private and confidential.

  • Discover the most impactful lifetime that created your current status. Connect the dots and realize who, what, when, how, and why the pattern of learning a life lesson or lessons in the past failed and is being repeated now. We will reveal the location and era where you were born and the exchange of human relationships with people that are affecting your current state.
  • Discover your Current Life Lessons.
  • Discover your Current Life Purpose.
  • Discover your Current Life Tasks.
  • Discover your Current Life Program of Learning.
  • Discover the cause of disharmony in the relationship/s in the past that construct your subconscious or higher state of mind decide why you are still single till now, so that you can break it.
  • Discover your action plan to overcome that past vow or why you feel you are undeserving.

Speak to us at +65 81001082 or email NOW.

NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.

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