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Wealthvortex House Healer

I Want My Money Blocks Removed And Have Financial Abundance Today

I Want My Money Blocks Removed And Have Financial Abundance Today

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It’s not about compass facings, placing gold coins in a glass jar facing east, sitting on a yellow chair to have your meals, or aligning that glass dragon to meet guests at the doorway.

It’s about soul. Your past.

You wanted to be part of a program with other souls, to learn abandonment, betrayal, injustice, humiliation and rejection, and the negative aspects of handling money or wealth.

Filled with a set of life lessons. And the failure to understand the situation, event or action became your money block.

This is the story of John:

John in a past lifetime in Shanghai was the son of a wealthy merchant. At the deathbed of his father, he entrusted the empire to another son to manage a bank, 15 hotels, 28 ships, and 38 restaurants.

John was made to manage only five eateries. Being who he is as a power-hungry, prideful, and risk-taker person, he is resentful and feels unworthy. He failed to manage the eateries and was excluded from family gatherings.

John married and had 6 children. And fathered 5 more from a few women he exploited.

On his deathbed he had a hatred for wealth, ‘I am destined to be poor’, ‘I can’t see the way forward’, ‘I will never be rich’, and ‘I hate the wealthy’

The imprints set into his psyche and into his soul.

You carried this into a few lifetimes that became a pattern, an unfinished business of experiencing it where you will not be deprived of success, and so you are re-living it once again in this lifetime.

Now is the time to lift that spell from you as soul.

By going back into your past life, we will uncover your deep-rooted negative imprints and the answers to what, when, how, why and who.

Discover what vow you made in those final moments before you passed into the light that is re-ignited once again.

So you can regain what you deserve, through acknowledgment of the events.

Acknowledgments in the current time change all and create a vibrational and manifestation frequency. Not through objects as you are a spiritual being. You are after all electrical and the right frequency attracts.

We can access your past and to help you.

So you will thrive in wealth and abundance in this lifetime.

Wealth does not come in the placement or facings of objects at home.

It comes in the release of misperceptions and misjudgments from the past.

That you programmed to learn, that now must be lifted.

This is the true journey of the soul.

Discover the most impactful past lifetime that has created your current money block issues. So you don’t repeat it again after today.

  • Discover your Current Life Lessons.
  • Discover your Current Life Purpose.
  • Discover your Current Life Tasks.
  • Discover your Current Life Program of Learning.
  • Discover what action to take.

With the above information, you can relive your life anew and attune to change.

Karma is not set in stone. Everything in the universe works through frequency and alignment.

Through acknowledgement your current life changes, as you are soul residing and resonating in a human form.

We have an action plan for you at the end of the reading.

(NOTE: This service does not include the opening of a wealth vortex in your home, please read other package which does include it).

Call +65 81001082 or email today.

NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.

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