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Wealthvortex House Healer

I Want A Wealth Vortex Opened In My Home And Have My Money Block Removed

I Want A Wealth Vortex Opened In My Home And Have My Money Block Removed

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Allow us to OPEN a Wealth Vortex in your home.

Mother Nature has a wealth gift for you, so you would want to use this beneficial energy vortex.

We open this wealth vortex energetically and remotely wherever you are in the world, as we are psychic energy healers.

What and How Does The Wealth Vortex Work?

It's a router, an energy source using the natural energetic forces of water and land energy intersections that cross your home.

It is done energetically and remotely without us having to visit your home physically.
It's a router and you are the modem, node, or mobile phone that receives the signals and how you give them out. You attract faster and gain more.

You won't know where it is on your own, we do. We need your home address and a drawing of your living and dining area for us to indicate the spot so you can use it as soon as possible.

We unveil the cause of your money blocks through a karmic reading before the wealth vortex is open.

Money blocks are carried over from your past life's program of unlearned and unfinished life lessons, or a vow, that says you don't deserve wealth.

Your acknowledgment can remove this block after knowing what happened in the past.

A karmic reading is performed and these are the findings:

  • Discover the cause of the money block in the past.
  • Discover your Current Life Lessons.
  • Discover your Current Life Purpose.
  • Discover your Current Life Tasks.
  • Discover your Current Life Program of Learning.
  • Discover what action to take to bring back wealth as soon as possible. 

Important to note the following:

  • Discover where the wealth vortex spot is in your home and how to use it.
  • No objects, no idols, no religious items to place or to buy.
  • No mineral stones/crystals to buy.
  • Non-religious. Suitable for non-Chinese.
  • No further hidden charges.
  • No need to move about furniture or to observe good luck dates.
  • No renovation is needed.
  • Wealth Vortex once open is permanent.
  • We will share with you how to keep it open and to use it daily.

This service is for homes and businesses and is non-religious.


How do we as healers work with the quantum entanglement to harmonize and heal remotely?


We work with photons of the quantum entanglement.

Libre Text Chemistry explains: 

What is a photon in simple terms? 

A photon is a tiny particle that comprises waves of electromagnetic radiation. As shown by James Maxwell (1865), photons are just electric fields traveling through space. Photons have no charge, no resting mass, and travel at the speed of light. 

Energy can be transmitted through a photon over vast distances without any loss in energy or speed. 

Our work is beyond Fengshui as we pick up and communicate with LIVE energies in a home or space.

We Harness Nature’s Gifts of Luck, Wealth, Love and Health Into Your Home.

Call or whatsapp us at 81001082 now. 

NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.

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