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Wealthvortex House Healer

I Sense Energy Is Unsettled In My Home And I Need Help With Wealth, And Health, And Even Past Life Karma

I Sense Energy Is Unsettled In My Home And I Need Help With Wealth, And Health, And Even Past Life Karma

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·       * Sense energies are not right at home?

·       * Have money block issues?

·       * Believe that energy frequencies in a home play the biggest role in attracting wealth?

·       * Relationships with loved ones and others are now at the lowest point?

·       * Unable to sleep at bedtime?

·       * Experience ringing in your ears?

·       * Inexplicable events or strange sightings have happened?

·       * Feel depressed and it's not because of work stress?

·       * Family has unexplainable health issues (even your pets fall ill regularly?)

·       * You have experienced tremendous suffering and inexplicable life challenges, and you want answers.

·       * You put effort into life and it puts a wall in front of you?

This is all to do with energy. Energy blocks and not being with the flow. They are electromagnetic fields and your journey as soul in a human body is to overcome such challenges like health, wealth and relationships.

You need to know how to work and manage these energies.

We have the solutions.

~ This is a full house healing and harmonizing package ~

When you are affected by EMF (electromagnetic fields), the medical term is known as EHS(Electro-Hypersensitivity).

You must know your life is a spiritual journey, you are an electrical being, you pick up and leave residues of emotions, thoughts and actions in an electrical field that you cannot see, but it’s there. You also fire up the frequencies of others who have left them there in your space you call home (so you pick up where they have left off). There can be energy portals, energy spots, interdimensional openings, residues (the most major being in the bedrooms), objects or things that hold energies that don’t serve you. There can be pain, money loss and challenges in these areas.

Natural and man-made earth energies from water below ground and in the air intercept your home. It’s a natural wi-fi, an energy grid around the earth that connects all and affects all. The good and the non-beneficial, and also your akashic records of past lives.

Everything spoken above is about electromagnetic fields. We exist because of it. But they must be managed.

(Sometimes the spirit world gets involved in homes. We re-direct spirit lines out of homes when we find them and invite spirits to the light).

There is one energetic portal in your home that has immense benefits for you and that is the Wealth Vortex. Once we open it energetically it is your energetic router for manifestation of wealth and abundance.

What and How Does The Wealth Vortex Work?

It's a router, an energy source using the natural energetic forces of water and land energy intersections that cross your home.

It is done energetically and remotely without us having to visit your home physically.
It's a router and you are the modem, node, or mobile phone that receives the signals and how you give them out. You attract faster and gain more.

No objects to buy, no colours, no compass direction facings, no numbers, no matching of dates and ill-fated threats.

We do not repackage or re-write old textbook studies shown in a new light to a different crowd because we communicate LIVE and reveal up-to date information through the energy fields, access your past life records and even profile your personality type (this is necessary so that you can understand the traits that you chose to be born with, which can cause setbacks, as our purpose here in the human form is to overcome these).

You will be surprised by the correct information unveiled as you will validate them, and you may think we have lived under your same roof for the last 10 years.

As psychic energy healers, our work is done remotely, without having to visit your physical space. We just need your name, age and address.

You and your home are affected by:

* Geopathic Stress (Natural and man-made electromagnetic earth energies that harm),

* Technopathic Stress (Electromagnetic fields from the smart grid and modern world electronic conveniences)

* Geopsychic Stress (Interference from the spirit world)

* Unresolved Past Life Karma linked to your current life lessons, life purpose, life tasks, challenges and your money blocks.

We explain:

Geopathic Stress: Mother Earth is a living breathing electrical being with energetic fields linked to all animal life (humans included), natural and man-made objects, buildings, rocks, soil, water veins, sewers, water pipes, geological fault lines, tunnels, and power cables. Geopathic means disease or suffering in Greek and these energies can be bad, good or neutral.

Mother Earth suffers daily energetic imbalances from the constant gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. This lifts the earth’s crust daily by up to 600mm at some points on its surface. Imagine how you are affected by it. And above ground, you have Hartmann and Curry Grid Lines. These are above-ground energetic fields that support plants and animal life.

Geopathic Stress communicates with your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions as they are all energies.

Technopathic Stress: Your mobile phones, laptops, printers, power chargers, table lamps, spotlights, TVs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, water heaters, and electric cables do not work with your body frequencies. Your exposure and reliance on modern technology can harm you, along with the ‘smart grid’, 5G cellular network, mobile phone masts, and power stations around.

Geopsychic Stress: Earthbound spirits, energetic soul attachments, discarnate beings, and nature spirits are interacting with you and you get affected by them. They too are energy (Fengshui practitioners shy away from this area and object placements cannot affect your well-being or the interaction with the spirit realm ).

Unresolved Past Life Karma: Your unresolved past life issues are replayed out in your current life as an unfinished business and money blocks from the past are part of it.

Why are we different?

We work beyond many modalities out there. And we have information that clients can validate.

We give you an action plan, an instruction manual on how to move on from here, on how to manage your experiences, your wealth, your relationships, your home, and even your business partnerships.

We are NOT Feng Shui. We communicate LIVE with the human mind, the earth energies and the spirit realm. Objects, furniture, direction facings, colours and numbers cannot change your destiny. As destiny is not set in stone it can be changed through frequency or vibrational shifts, after your acknowledgment of information found by us.

How Do We Harmonize And Heal?

Through communication with the quantum entanglement (quantum field), which is an information field.

It’s a LIVE psychic communication with the space and the subconscious states of peoples’ minds, with a set of L-Copper Rods or pendulums, using thousands of charts (that's why we take 3 weeks to complete, not a brisk walk-through in an hour and then collect our fees).

The human body together with a dowsing tool is the most sensitive equipment on earth as it picks up all things electromagnetic including information about people, the spirit world, karma, and past lives.

We can even profile people remotely.

Dowsing has been used for over 100,000 years and it is a hand-me-down skill. In ancient caves, drawings have been found of people in the past who used this same technique as a survival tool to find (and re-direct) water, minerals, animals to hunt, lost objects and treasure, and other activities of daily living. During those times they used an inverted tree branch to find things. (The discoveries of these drawings in the past have been verified through carbon dating).

How do we as healers work with the quantum entanglement to do harmonizing and healing remotely?

We work with photons of the quantum entanglement.

Libre Text Chemistry explains:

What is a photon in simple terms?
A photon is a tiny particle that comprises waves of electromagnetic radiation. As shown by James Maxwell (1865), photons are just electric fields traveling through space. Photons have no charge, no resting mass, and travel at the speed of light.

Energy can be transmitted through a photon over vast distances without any loss in energy or speed.

A consultation is private and confidential. There are no hidden charges and things to buy.

Many times a full house healing service can be performed without informing the rest of the family, as it is done through unconditional love and for beneficial reasons for all.

Call or message us today at +65 81001082 or email

This service is non-religious as it is energy-based.

Harmonizing and Healing Time Needed To Complete: 3 weeks to heal all aspects in the home.

~ Our Intent Is To Heal ~

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