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I Suspect There Are Strange Ongoings In My Home

I Suspect There Are Strange Ongoings In My Home

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Have you just moved into your new home and you feel something is not quite right?

Do you have constant headaches and feel uneasy in some areas of your home?
Hear inexplicable sounds?
See figures moving about in the corner of your eye?
Or get woken up at odd hours of the night?
Hear the pitter-patter of feet?
Or feel an unseen someone lie beside you?

Previous owners can leave behind emotions, thoughts, and actions in your space, locked in the walls, floors, ceilings and fittings. Sometimes the energy of a departed former occupant can still be around. This is known as geopsychic stress. If the former occupant has passed on, the energy can remain as an earthbound spirit and create havoc in a home. And they exist, as we can detect them.

Perhaps you are a property agent and the house that you have listed on the market for 3 months has not even had a single offer from a prospect...

Is this a divorce home? A fire-sale? And you have noted that most prospects have driven by with a quick glance, and quickly drove off. Inhabitants of a home can leave behind imprints of illness, sorrow, and arguments, even after decades or more. You don’t want this sale to go to another agent.

The interference from the spirit realm in a home is very real. We can detect them, divert spirit lines out of your home and invite the souls to the light.

We are known as House Healers or Earth Healers, and Conventional Feng Shui cannot do this job of harmonizing and healing the space.

We even help you to check out a home before you buy or what keeps on preventing a sale.

Just give us the address and we can check remotely if there are geopathic stress, technopathic stress or geopsychic stress in your home. This sum will be offset if we proceed to the full house healing.

Speak to us at +65 81001082 or email

~ Our Intent Is To Heal ~

NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.


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