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Wealthvortex House Healer

Other Harmonizing And Healing Services

Other Harmonizing And Healing Services

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We are capable of addressing the following issues which you may face:

  • Spirit Line Intrusion Into Your Home
  • Power Artefacts
  • Understand Your Life Lessons, Life Purpose and Life Tasks
  • Lift Black Magic / Sorcery
  • Curses and Spells
  • Hauntings / Poltergeist Activity
  • Emotional Attachments / Psychic Cords / Psychic Attacks
  • Energetic Form Attachments
  • Spirit Attachments
  • Karmic Problems / Past Life Issues
  • Guardian Of The Site / Home / Workspace
  • Nature Spirits / Elementals / Nature Spirit Pathway Intrusion Into Your Home

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    The stated sum is an estimate. The final cost will depend on your needs and the extent of the work. Chat with us now.

    NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.


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