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My Pet Dog Is Always Sick And I Suspect Its The Energy At Where He Sleeps

My Pet Dog Is Always Sick And I Suspect Its The Energy At Where He Sleeps

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How safe is your dog or cat at his favourite sleeping spot?

Harmful earth electromagnetic fields affect humans as well as animals.

Does your dog or cat:

  • Constantly scratch at a specific wall or floor area?
  • Avoid certain rooms in the house?
  • Hide in a corner of the house and refuse interaction with you?
  • Refuse food at mealtime?
  • Has recurring health issues, even after a few visits to the vet?
  • Feeling very lethargic despite having ample sleep time?
  • Constantly circle around the floor, feeling unsettled, even when there are no visitors or noise distractions in the neighborhood?

Then it’s likely harmful Hartmann and Curry Grid lines are at play.

What are they?

They are the earth’s natural electromagnetic and geomagnetic energies (EMF) that crisscross the globe.

Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to these natural energies that enter our homes. They penetrate through walls and far reach into every corner of it. It affects your furry animal’s thoughts, feelings, metabolism, and physiology.

Vets don't address these as they are unaware and untrained in this area.

These lines interact with the EMF from wifi, Bluetooth, electronic gadgets, mobile phones, copiers, microwave ovens, electric kettles, steamers, fridges, and 5G, adding to the harm. They stress your furry animal's health (as well as yours).

Animals are more sensitive to them than humans.

The official ruling on safety limits made by local authorities throughout the world takes into consideration only the heating effects and not the frequencies that harm people and animals.

Allow us to do a LIVE demo in your home to reveal these harmful lines.

Call us at 81001082 NOW.

~ Our Intent Is To Heal ~

NOTE: Please do not proceed to make payment until we know specifically what you want resolved, through our service.

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