Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses


"Hey Laurence, can you pop by and see why Candice has headaches so often?"
That call from J became a trip. So out came our L rods. We found a mountain of gadgets in Candice's room. Being a teenager that's normal but it can be managed. Every appliance and gadget emits harmful EMF.
We related the harm scale of 0 to -10. Candice got a -8. Then we shared the 'woah' moment with the family on how to transmute the fields, as J is a gadgets and appliances guy. They filled the house. He needs some help with the EMF around 😉
Then we started packing. J, then asked if we could find out why they always felt nervous in the kitchen area. So with that thought in my mind, the L rods twitched again. And we found that the previous owners had left behind heavy emotions over arguments. J and wifey felt unsettled each time they are in there. Thoughts, actions and emotions can be left behind in energetic fields that can last for years and much much longer.
Lurkers need to be shown the door 😄
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