Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses

Is House Healing The Same As Feng Shui?

No, It is not. We are Modern Feng Shui Practitioners as we use dowsing as a tool to accurately detect earth energies.

Conventional Feng Shui deals with birthdates, physical furniture placements, use of colours, seasons, observance of numbers and placement of objects which may clash with the design ideas of your home. Unless your home decoration theme allows it.

House Healing does not introduce any of the above into your home. You are free to move or install constructed furniture and fittings as you choose.

With House Healing we detect the harmful energy lines that enter and affect you, your family and your pets. A re-balance of the natural geomagnetic and electromagnetic spectrum of energies in your home is performed, and we teach you how to maintain it.

Have you thought about how your health issue can be linked to earth and technology electromagnetic frequencies in your home?

House Healing is an ever growing science, not adopted by big tech because what it can detect can put modern technology in bad light. More people now realize how harmful Geopathic(Earth) and Technopathic(Technology) Stress can affect them. Subtle energies are detected in a house healing using a floorplan done remotely in our office and we only make physical site visits when necessary.

We can access any site in the world through dowsing, using a very accurate and ancient technique thousands of years old, to detect underground water streams, minerals, oil, lost objects, wells and more. Police and security agencies, archaeologists, and even the military used it during the Vietnam war to detect where the Vietcong hid tunnels and traps across the terrain.

When more modern appliances like mobile phones, laptops, copiers, toasters, microwave ovens, and spotlights are in our homes, mixed with negative earth energy lines, we create a vortex of harmful electromagnetic energies that cause health issues like...

Poor Sleep



Unexplained Headaches**

Sinus Congestion**

Sickly Or Uncooperative Pet Dog/Cat**

Memory Loss**

Constant Ringing In The Ear**

Difficulty In Concentrating Or Thinking Clearly

Suffer From ME(Muddled Energies/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis**)

Pain In a Nerve Pathway

Skin Rashes


And more.

Note: ** We do not claim to heal any health issues as you are advised to seek medical help first.

We conduct our services remotely, unless we discover it is necessary to make a site visit.

Call us at 81001082 or email to find out more



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