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Just a Simple Pendulum

This is just a simple tool. A pendulum.

It has been used for thousands of years. It just gives you a yes or no answer. But it opens one up to universal knowledge left in the ether. As they say with power comes responsibility. I would rather say with knowledge comes greater responsibility.

This work is spiritual. And more.

I only wish that each and every one of you knows what lies ahead as we live in these degenerate times. I was told this and led by my management up there, to take this path to help and heal others through re-balancing energies. If people choose to be aware, then there may come a change for good. But as each individual is different, change happens only at the pace one can handle. There is a lot of oppressive energy created out there now. For the spiritual, you know what I am saying. There’s really a fight for balance between yin and yang currently.

There is no ego in this work that we, my wife and I do, as a false step can lead to danger and health issues. We were both pointed to this path. We tread carefully.

You wouldn’t believe what sort of interference energies reside in our homes. Clearing them would without the shadow of a doubt release a wave of change and acknowledgment of why things in our lives went in a particular direction for some years or even decades. What we do with our thoughts, emotions, and actions, react with the earth’s natural energies. And they linger. Sometimes even up to a thousand years. I kid you not. A further set of pent-up negative energy has come about in these two years, all manifested in homes, and will set the path for many situations we may not be prepared for.

Each time when a question is asked, I get permission first. “May I, Can I, Should I” before I proceed, then the initial question can lead to a string of questions. Nothing comes hidden. All are revealed when you do it with an intent to help. I do get a ‘no permission’ many a time too and that is when that person needs to learn through his or her own life lesson.

This simple tool gives me accuracy in the answers. I am able to tell what food is good for myself when I pick up a can of beans at the supermarket. Or the right yogurt for my dogs. This gets us attention and sometimes people ask us what we are doing and we let them into the knowledge. By the way, I don’t consume canned food. It's harmful to humans.

I have friends who are psychic by birth and they are gifted. In dowsing, it opens one up to multiple bands of knowledge not limited by one frequency. One does not need to wait for the proper answer to come along. You get it instantly. Once you begin with a pendulum, you have a different view of life and you manage things very differently.

Our lives have been changed.

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