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The House With A Forest

This is a picture of the flowers outside a home along Thomson Road, Singapore.
That I was tasked to find out more information, for a potential client. He wanted to know if the seller was keen to sell and if he offered a reasonable market price.
There I was. I did a quick look around and I sat outside in my vehicle and made contact with the house.
How many occupants are there in the home?
An elderly couple above 70 years of age?
Two females?
Both are sisters?
Both have an intent to sell?
Only one is agreeable?
Can the buyer negotiate with both?
(Then I picked up a thought to ask the following question)
One of the sisters has departed?
Is she the one who has been scaring off potential buyers in the last year?
Can I invite her to cross over to the light to resolve this issue?
Previous occupants of a home can remain in the energetic field if they are very attached to their relatives, possessions, or property, and can still influence the sale.
I informed the potential buyer if he will pursue the sale and he is now seriously considering it. He felt spooked when he made a viewing but he loved the location as the nature reserve was just right behind the property.
I await his instructions.
Then I will invite this lady to go on her higher soul progression. She will have to decide for herself. Most times they will be so happy to move on as they will be led by a familiar relative or friend to hold their hand and guide them across.
In some countries, this is a standard procedure before people buy a house.
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