Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress. Heal Sick Houses

What has a Sick House, Geopathic and Technopathic Stress Got To Do With You?

Energy lines are also known as underground currents, black streams, underground water, earth energy and ley lines.

They are scientifically known as Geopathic Stress and are natural geomagnetic energies that criss cross every square millimeter of the globe. Mother Earth use these energies to survive. It’s being pushed out to support life for trees, plants, animals, rocks and people.

It functions like Chinese acupuncture with a heart centre, arteries, veins and capillaries balancing the yin and yang energies.

These energy lines can be mismanaged by humans and enter our homes. Then affected people get lethargy, headaches, insomnia**, pain in nerve pathways**, sinus congestion**, arthritis, cancer, strokes and other major health issues.

We human beings are electromagnetic by nature and so are in constant exchange with these fields of energies. There is an upload and download of energetic information and is left in the grid forever. Through this grid we get our information through dowsing.

This may sound like science fiction but that’s the way nature made it. And unknown to you till now.

The modern cities we live in, roads, buildings, technology, electronic appliances, gadgets, machines, The ‘Smart Grid’, 5G, mobile phone masts and power stations add to what is known as Technopathic Stress.

Then there is the spirit world. It’s also made of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields).

Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic Stress interact with each other.

You imagine your home is your sacred ground and retreat. But it is not.

It’s not a safe place. Harmonizing and healing of these energies is necessary.

We use dowsing, an ancient technique to find such energies in the land and space. It predates fengshui and is not limited to a studied template, compass directions or facings. We have a psychic communication with a space, the land and the subconscious states of people to uncover the ills of a space.

All we require is an address to unveil what is in a location, home, warehouse, office, restaurant or land before we visit it. We then have a chat on the findings and then we make a physical visit to prove they exist through a LIVE demo of what we have found, using our set of L-copper rods.

Dowsing is used by some police agencies, archaeologists, military and professionals to find oil, mineral ores, underground streams, wells, hidden tunnels and treasures. And of course this is never told to you.

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Note: ** We do not claim to heal any health issues as you are advised to seek medical help first. However professional medical care and house healing are complementary).

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