Geopathic Stress and Technopathic Stress

What The Darn Is Geopathic Stress

Mother Earth has invaded your home with her natural geomagnetic and electromagnetic lines.
Causing you pain and discomfort in your own home. You get poor sleep, unexplained headaches, sinus congestion, memory loss, or constant ringing in the ear. And lots more symptoms.
This is known as Geopathic Stress. She does this to every home in Singapore and people are now waking up.
Your body reacts to the earth’s natural electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields that can harm you. It’s getting more common today as many people suffer from this EHS(Electro-Hypersensitivity) syndrome caused by natural underground water, sewers, pipes, rock formations, utility lines, and the gravitational pull caused by the sun and moon. Yes, you hear that right. At one point on the earth, the land mass is daily being pulled up to 600mm high.
These invisible energy lines run throughout your home where you, your family, your baby, or your pet spends the most hours awake, and at rest. Have you seen how your baby tries to sleep at a particular corner of the cot? She knows where it’s harmful and she’s trying to avoid it. Even your poodle is smart enough to avoid it but not you.
We scan through every square cm of your home to detect this invasion and show you the most harmful spots, especially where the energetic lines criss-cross. Thereafter a re-balancing and healing is conducted to transmute these areas into beneficial energy. We can do all this remotely.
Some of the symptoms you face are:
Unexplained Headaches**
Sinus Congestion**
Sickly Or Uncooperative Pet Dog/Cat**
Memory Loss**
Constant Ringing In The Ear**
Difficulty In Concentrating Or Thinking Clearly
Suffer From ME(Muddled Energies/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis**)
Pain In a Nerve Pathway
Skin Rashes
Get Irritable And Short Tempered
Lack Concentration And Productivity At Work
We can help you.
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